CNY Voices 2014


Bob Dunn“Just try to keep the politics and fighting out of it. Try to keep taxes down, which everybody tries to do that. And be concerned for trying to get more jobs for people to work, you know? See what they can do to help bring in jobs and try to keep taxes as low as possible. That’s it.”
(Bob Dunn, 74, of the North Side neighborhood of Syracuse, veteran and retired National Grid employee, Democrat)

Mary Winter“My wishes would be: No. 1, that the federal government and the state government would become smaller and not take such control of our lives. No. 2, that municipalities like the city of Syracuse would really pay attention to what’s happening with our school system and our extremely low graduation rate in the city.”
(Mary Winter, 66, of Syracuse, juvenile justice consultant, Republican)

Ray McDougall“In this state, there are too many governments. We’ve got to get a rid of a few of them, especially the villages. It’s not a matter of size. It’s just there’s too many of them. It is really crazy. It’s a waste.”
(Ray McDougall, 69, of Liverpool, retired engineer, Republican)


Larry Wayne“I hope they know what they’re doing. I hope jobs get better for people and I hope the education gets better to for the cities.”
(Larry Wayne, 26, of Syracuse, cashier at Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop at Destiny USA mall, Democrat)


Patrick Downs“It seems like they work on roads that don’t need to be worked on, and don’t work on roads that do need to be worked on. I’m a salesman so I drive all over town all the time, and I see them all the time.”

(Patrick Downs, 41, of Syracuse, advertising and security salesman, not affiliated with a political party)

(Joe Infantino is a senior majoring in newspaper and online journalism with a minor in anthropology.)


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