CNY Voices 2014


Robert Bradley“So you think that it’s vital they would try to steer their children here in the city of how important education is – because all I see is like there’s a lot of young girls pushing strollers, there’s a lot of young guys hanging around in the corner, ain’t looking for work and stuff like that. And that is a really turn-off to me.”
(Robert Bradley of Syracuse, 55, machine operator at Scotsman Media Group, Democrat)

David Lacomb“I think the city has become a big hole and I would like to see the county kicking in the taxes for the city, because everybody has moved out of the city who can. They’re moving out to the wider county area. And now the city has no money.  And a I believe there should be a county tax that goes to the city.”
(David Lacomb of DeWitt, 52, graphic designer at Scotsman Media Group, unaffiliated with a political party)

Chris Colburn“They said that they would eliminate the Carrier Dome, which I don’t know if I agree with that aspect. I think a stadium in Syracuse that they can use for multiple things would be a benefit. I think they could bring a professional lacrosse team in Syracuse. I think they can use it for high school championships for New York State. I think they could use it for soccer teams. I think they can use for SU football, and other events and activities and concerts they can use for. I think it can be a popular draw.”
(Chris Colburn of Liverpool, 33, director of human resources at Scotsman Media Group, Republican)

Adam Sudman“To address boredom. To un-bore people. Specifically I think young people are bored and are getting into trouble. So I’d love to see more programs for pre-teens in particular and for teenagers through the educational systems or the parks department, typically when school is out afterschool or summertime. So keeping young people not bored keeps them out of trouble, which is – I  think – a  cheaper, more rewarding way than dealing with the trouble that does come up two years later.” 
(Adam Sudman of Syracuse, 38, event manager for My Lucky Tummy, Democrat)

Susan Parker“I think our government should be working on job creation. I think we should also be paying more attention to our vets that are coming home and not having jobs and places that give support. Also protecting the environment – we don’t take care of our environment then we won’t have anything.”
(Susan Parker of Cazenovia, 56, master gardener at Cornell Cooperative Extension, Democrat)

 (Vekonda Luangaphay is a graduate student in magazine, newspaper and online journalism.)


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