CNY Voices 2014


Amanda Sheldon“I am concerned, because they always get caught up in all these scandals. And I feel like they’re more concerned with these scandals than they are with doing their job. And they’re more concerned with keeping their job than doing their job, like when they shut down the government.”
(Amanda Sheldon, 24, of Camillus, Pre-K teacher, Democrat.)

Jim Lenhard“I’m a traditional Catholic. So I go to a Latin Mass regularly and I follow the traditional practices. Catholics believe that the best kind of government would be what’s called a restoration of all things in Christ the King. The Psalms say unless the Lord guides the city it’s going to be in vain. We have to allow God to be a part of our lives. Just look how many school shootings have been in schools since prayers gone out of the schools. Prayer has gone out of the schools and guns have come into the schools.”
(Jim Lenhard, 61, of Syracuse, special needs advocate, Republican.)

Tom Austin“Really what concerns me is doing what’s right for the country versus doing what’s right for the party. That’s really what I see as being a big problem in today’s political arena.”
(Tom Austin, 56, of Syracuse, financial advisor, Republican.)


Abraham Sherman“Give more programs to the minorities. Focus a lot more on the inner schools and bring the taxes down so people can survive at work.”
(Abraham Sherman, 37, of Syracuse, unemployed, unaffiliated.)


Adam Ballard“Just all their bickering. They need to get the job done, instead of fighting against each other. I just need them to do what they promised to do when they were elected to get the job done. Spend money where it needs to be spent and not worry about their salaries being increased and what vacations they are going to take. I just need them to go in and fight for the people.”
(Adam Ballard, 41, of DeRuyter, retail manager at Cindy’s Gift Solutions, Democrat.)

(Jess Marshalek is a graduate student in magazine, newspaper and online journalism.)


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