CNY Voices 2014


Frank Kulas“I think like our governor and a lot of these other people should get more of the people’s opinion before they go passing a lot of these different things. One obviously was that big Safe Act which was not well thought out at all. But, you know, they need to get the people’s input on this stuff before they go passing all this stuff, I would think.
(Frank Kulas, 46, of Kirkville, employee at Hotel Syracuse, unaffiliated with a political party)

“Oh, employment would be a big one – that would be the biggest thing for me.  Everyone says employment is getting better and it’s not. The healthcare thing is ridiculous, totally ridiculous.” 
(Pam Allen, of Auburn, parking attendant at Sheraton Hotel, describes herself as having a conservative viewpoint)

Brett Bernard“Transportation maybe? I mean, people who can’t get around too quickly and are either or are late to things or way to early to things…I think construction in general is pretty poor around the city.” 
(Brett Bernard, 25, of Marcellus, Le Moyne College student, Democrat)

Charles Hall“Some people are old – they  can’t shovel. They’ve got their own property – how can they shovel? When the weather is good, it’s not a problem. When the weather is bad,  it’s a real problem.” 
(Charles Hall, 82, of Baldwinsville, parking attendant for Murbro Parking)

Michaella“I think education needs to be more stressed. Like, I think good preschools need to be established. Going with social problems because once you have a good foundation that carries through for the rest of your education.” 
(Michaella Vagelatos, 22, of Syracuse, daycare assistant in Syracuse, unaffiliated with a political party)

(Hannah McDonald is a senior majoring in broadcast and digital journalism with a minor in economics.)



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