CNY Voices 2014


Casey R. Morris IIIThere’s a lot of people in the city living in sub-par housing, and there’s areas that need gentrification. The government needs to make sure that education and job training is available for all people. Lastly, the public transit system can be very challenging.”
(Casey R. Morris III, 39, of Syracuse, supervisor of facilities and technical services at Syracuse University, Democrat)

Bryan OgletreeInternational relations – we already have so many issues in the U.S that I don’t know if we should be as concerned about different countries and what’s going on over there. We should tackle our own. My second concern is women’s rights because I love the women.” (Bryan Ogletree, 19, of Syracuse, cashier at Villa, Democrat)

Daryl Herlehy, 51 of Rochester“High taxes, high unemployment rate and high tuition for college kids – it’s tough. Those are the three things that I think need to be worked on. And hopefully by the time my daughter goes to college the third one will be in place.”
(Daryl Herlehy, 51 of Rochester, stay-at-home mom/volunteer/hairdresser, unaffiliated with a political party)

Patty Oatman, 54 of East SyracuseI want them to stop paying the games of fiscal cliff. We’re all going to be owned by the Chinese the way we’re going. We should be paying to have more manufacturing in this country. There are ways making jobs – they’re just not noticing them for all their game playing.”
(Patty Oatman, 54 of East Syracuse, teaching assistant at Fayetteville-Manlius High School, unaffiliated with a political party)

 Lauren Mapstone, 18 of CazenoviaThe money problems and things like imminent domain, like malls trying to buy out little businesses.”
(Lauren Mapstone, 18, of Cazenovia, student at Cazenovia High School, unaffiliated with a political party)


(Shantinique Brooks is a senior majoring in broadcast and digital journalism with a minor in political science.)


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