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CNY Voices 2014


Lesley Pena“The government should protect and help those who cannot protect themselves or help themselves or who are the most needy: Low-income people, disabled people,  children, the disadvantaged.”
(Lesley Pena, 27, of Syracuse, producer at WSYR, Democrat)


Kristina Martin“I’ve always felt like this with athletes and singers, and all of the media people getting so much money, and when it comes to schooling I feel like, where’s the money for our kids? I feel like they’re trying to make it better, but I don’t know if they’re going about it the right way.”
(Kristina Martin, 30, of Tipperary Hill, early childhood educator at the Syracuse Jewish Community Center, Republican)

Mike Mordwinkin“I own my own company and the regulations I run into cost me a lot of money in permits and inspections. No one really lives up to their promise of making it easier for small businesses here.”
(Mike Mordwinkin, 39, of Fayetteville, caterer with Trucking Delicious,  unaffiliated with a political party)


Stefon Green“Education I think is most pressing, especially inner-city education. It gets to a point where they don’t have anything to do after school and that causes a lot more problems It causes a lot of violent problems that we have here in the United States.” 

(Stefon Green, 25, of the East side of Syracuse, freelance filmmaker,  unaffiliated with a political party)

Bill Kates“I think the way Congress behaves right now is a good argument for term limits. They need to do something because you just can’t have the same people. I mean isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?”
(Bill Kates, 56, of Minoa, former Associated Press reporter, Democrat)

(Andrew Troast is a senior majoring in broadcast and digital journalism.)


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