Behind the Scenes with Press


MANCHESTER, N.H. (Jan. 7, 2012) — This is a glimpse behind the scenes into Manchester’s most frenetic club. It is open for one night only. Capacity is just over 700.

On Friday, this club was packed with media from Denmark and New York City and everywhere in between. Journalists watched the presidential debate—happening about a quarter mile away—on ABC’s big screens. In 14 rows of tables that lined a gymnasium as spacious as an airplane hanger, the press watched the spectacle of candidates on a stage.

The semi-after party? In the spin room, held in another Saint Anselm gymnasium, this one a shiny basketball court where campaign staffers and candidate-backers join the fray. Media circled them, with microphones and cameras pointed in like lances. Media clamored for a question, and sometimes get a straight answer.

Some newbie-newsies felt like VIPs. Here are shots from their perspective.

(Elizabeth Carey, a graduate student in the magazine, newspaper and online journalism program at Syracuse University, is covering the New Hampshire primary for the Utica Observer-Dispatch.)


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