On a Bandwagon for Romney From Mass.

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Braintree Mom Jennifer Logue rode up to New Hampshire to support Mitt Romney and "save the country." (Matt Porter)

MANCHESTER, N.H. (Jan.7, 2012)  —  The Massachussetts South Shore rolled into New Hampshire to support Mitt Romney on Saturday.

Wrentham mom Stacey Malloy joined a bus of supporters to campaign for Mitt Romney in Manchester. She says she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“It’s great.  It’s exciting.  I definitely feel momentum and I truly support what Mitt stands for.  Sometimes I feel like you don’t have the personal connection with them as much as you do when you go to their house and see somebody face to face and look them in the eye.”(Stacey Malloy, mother of four from Wrentham)

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson joined the South Shore bandwagon here.  He says Romney did a good job as governor and it was important for him to bring a group.

“It’s exciting. This is what democracy’s all about.  To have people coming from all parts of the state, and to participate what we hope will be future change in our government and the direction America takes with a new leadership in the White House.”(Tom Hodgson, Bristol County sheriff)

Jennifer Logue, from Braintree, says helping Romney win is most important.

“Getting on the bus today in Braintree, someone from the South Shore got on and said ‘So we’re all here to save our country.’  It sounds funny, but that’s really the feeling.  We’re out here doing this, we’re not getting paid anything.  We’re doing this because we’re concerned about the direction of our country and we really believe that Mitt Romney is the person that can get our country back on track.”(Jennifer Logue, member of Quincy Lions Club)

In Manchester — Matt Porter, WATD News.

(Matt Porter, a graduate student in broadcast and digital journalism at Syracuse University, is covering the New Hampshire primary for WATD Radio.)


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