A Ron Paul Moment with His Young Supporters


The Young Guns of Ron Paul by Matt Porter from Democracywise on Vimeo.


NASHUA, N.Y. (Jan. 6, 2011) — At a Ron Paul rally in Nashua, we found ourselves surrounded by young supporters, many of them participating in the political process for the first time.  We spoke candidly with them and asked why they have been drawn out into the political scene.

“Well, ever since I first heard of Ron Paul in 2007, I just really loved his ideas.  I felt he was principled, honest and consistent  — which is really not as common in politics.  He really inspired me to do my own research.  No other politician or anyone in government has had that effect on me.  I just saw him as someone really unique and someone worth supporting.”(David Kretzmann, 19, Republican, Berea College in Berea, Kentucky)

“I really like Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman, they are the two.  But, Ron Paul, I really like his message.  I really like him just focused on wanting to fix our country and fixing the problems.  There’s not a lot of small talk with him.  He’s just trying to be a fixer.”(Abby Cobb, 29, nursing student at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Connecticut.)

“Just saw the Ron Paul rally, I thought it was really good.  I actually don’t like Ron Paul.  I like Newt Gingrich.  But we’re just here, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.   I like Newt Gingrich, you know, he’s a little bit of a shady guy.  But, you know, I’ve been watching him in the debates and I think he out trumps everybody.  He knows what’s going on in the world, domestic and foreign, unlike our current president who knows nothing.  He has my vote in the primaries.”(Kevin Sperling, 18, Republican, Rowan Unversity in Glassboro, New Jersey)

“Back in 2008, we were old enough to know what was going on and kind of see what the political process was then — as far as the presidency was concerned.    I think a lot of people didn’t like what they saw.  A lot of people weren’t really thrilled with the Democrats or the Republicans. And I think Ron Paul really does represent an alternative.  If I really want him to be president, then I really have no reason not to be here.”(Zack Campbell, 20, Republican, student at University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH) 

(Matt Porter, a graduate student in broadcast and digital journalism atSyracuse University, is covering the New Hampshire primary for WATDRadio.)


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