Gingrich Promises to Keep Fighting in South Carolina

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MANCHESTER, N.H. (Jan. 11, 2012) — Newt Gingrich had high hopes for New Hampshire but the results last night were disappointing for him and his supporters. WATD’s Amanda Watkins was at the Gingrich headquarters.

After coming in fourth Tuesday in New Hampshire’s primary, Newt Gingrich tried to rally his troops for the next contest — South Carolina.

“I’m asking each one of you not slow down. The next couple of days make a list of everyone person know in South Carolina and every person you know in Florida, because those are the next two great contests.”
( Newt Gingrich)

He asked for more of his supporters help to win the Republican presidential nomination.

 “With your help — as  your spokeperson, representing your values, on behalf of our children, our grandchildren and our country—I  will do everything to win the opportunity to represent you this fall.”
(Newt Gingrich)

New Hampshire was his second disappointment. A week earlier he had also finished fourth in Iowa. In Hampshire, he got a last-minute $5 million dollar contribution — but no boost in his votes. The South Carolina primary is Jan. 21.

In Manchester, New Hampshire Amanda Watkins WATD.

(Amanda Watkins, a graduate student in the broadcast and digital journalism program at Syracuse  University, is covering the New Hampshire primary for WATD Radio.)


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