A Good Haircut for a Good Cause

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CONCORD, N.H. (Jan. 6, 2012)—A $400 hair cut is still on list of services at the Hair Biz Salon.

The high-priced cut dates back to 2008 when then-Sen. John Edwardswas running for the Democratic nomination. Edwards was famous for his blond hair and infamous for a $400-cut. Salon owner David Holden decided to turn the embarrassing political moment into a good thing for autism.

“I came up with this idea that I would challenge all the presidential candidates, which included Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians, four years ago to come in for a $400 hair cut. And all the money would be donated to autism.”(David Holden, owner of the Hair Biz Salon)

Holden chose autism because of his own family.

“I have two kids that are adopted from Romania, that both have disabilities.  My son has autism — which is actually from trauma.”(David Holden, owner of the Hair Biz Salon)

Now, the pricey hair cut is attracting more than just people running for president.

“We have had people in who run for governor. We have had also people who run for Congress join us for the $400 hair cut.”(David Holden, owner of the Hair Biz Salon)

Holden says having the extra business is exciting. But the most important thing for him is the attention that is brought to autism.  His salon’s wall is decorated with at least 10 checks, totaling more than $4,000 for autism.

In Concord, New Hampshire, Amanda Watkins WATD News.

(Amanda Watkins, a graduate student in the broadcast and digital journalism program at Syracuse University, is covering the New Hampshire primary for WATD Radio)


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